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We’ve moved… — January 12, 2017
Sketchbook Drawings! — January 5, 2017

Sketchbook Drawings!

Ello ello ello and welcome to another fascinating episode of “horrible drawings in my sketchbook that I took a picture of with my  awesome Nikon Coolpix.” Sit back and enjoy the horror show.

Rat + Mug = Rug? Mat? I dunno. I was never taught these things in school.
“Oy, I’m in a mug, snug as a rug. Oh, you want to put coffee in here? Please do, it might keep me warm.”
Han Solo’s secret twin. SSshh!
A horrible attempt at drawing Buddy from “Elf”.
Woof, woof woof woof. Woofade woofwoof arfy barf.
“We don’t need no education.”…”Just another brick in the wall.”
Chaar! Charmander char! Charcharcharmander!
I guess this is what nerdy dogs do in their spare time. Don’t ask me, I just drew it.
The Pecos Pug, the sharpest shot in the west. (But sometimes he goes to the south for dinner. The food’s much better there.)
Don’t most dogs travel by parachute?
A LEGO drawing I did recently.
Scrooge McDuck, richest manduck in the entire comic world.
Such perspective, many dog, total weird.
The new hit book written by everyone’s favorite Doctor Zuess.
Dundundundundundun… Larry, larry the platapus, laaaarry!
“No Larry, don’t hit him with that lead pipe!”

And that concludes episode infinity of “horrible drawings in my sketchbook that I took a picture of with my  awesome Nikon Coolpix.”


Old LEGO Creations — December 24, 2016

Old LEGO Creations

Maybe I’m just lazy or maybe I just don’t enjoy it as much, but what ever the reason I don’t build with LEGOs as much… Anyhow, as I have them on file just collecting dust, I think it’s only fair to release them to the public (but then again, no one reads this blog anyway so I guess they’ll just collect dust here. Ah, whatever.*).. Enjoy..

*Whatever was deemed one of the worlds most annoying words recently. I LOVE BUGGING YOU NON EXISTENT PEOPLE.

First off we have this crummy little (nah, it’s really quite big by my standards I guess.) Doctor Who creature. It’s supposed to be the 11th Doctor, played by Matt Smith in the show.



So this is a weird bug creature I guess? 
Ok, this is one creation I’m kinda proud of. And if you haven’t figured it out, it’s Sonic the Hedgehog. 
What the heck, was I really that obsessed with building the 11th Doctor?? This is my second version of him. He’s better than my other one above I guess.
As the late great Lenard Nemoy would say: “Bilob, bilbo, bilbo, he’s the greatest hobbit ever lived.” So yes, this was supposed to be Bilbo. If you haven’t noticed yet, I was horrible at LEGOs back then and still am.
A mouse! Ok, I really liked this guy. He had so much character! I was originally going to build a whole army of them with different hats and then stick them in trees but the shortage of LEGOs forced me to only make one. :/
What the heck, this is horrible. Why did I post this? I don’t know. Someone save me from myself.
And this is my final photo for this post. I kinda liked this.

And… (drumroll…) That is all. Though I doubt anyone will read this, I hope you non existent people liked this!


Chimney Toss — December 23, 2016

Chimney Toss


Merry early Christmas! I thought I’d post this Christmas themed game here…

Play as Santa as he tries to throw presents into the magical chimney!
But what’s this? Evil ghosts of Christmas 2015 and evil snow men are attacking!
Use W A D to run and jump, click to shoot presents. Jump on the chimney or shoot presents at it to get points and shoot presents at bad guys to melt them.

Click HERE to play! (and when you get to the project, press the green flag at the top of the page to play or press it again if you die to reload.)

The Bronze Bow — December 9, 2016

The Bronze Bow

Just some art I did for my english class.. I had to do a cover for an essay about “The Bronze Bow” so I did this based off the story… It’s not very good because I had to use watercolors but I thought I’d share it anyway. bronzebow

Jack Jack the Pumpkin Man. — November 11, 2016
Half-Finished Bazil (not the plant) and Updates. — November 5, 2016

Half-Finished Bazil (not the plant) and Updates.

Well, I have half a book of sketches to post on here, but since their literally in a book (full of sketches), I can’t scan them to the computer in our scanner. SO, until I can get my hands on a camera, I can’t post any new drawings. :/ Blaaurgh! So, in order to appease whoever may be reading this, which is probably no one but myself, I decided to post a half-finished drawing that I did awhile back. Well, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy, which I bet is not very much.


Cosmos Cat — September 11, 2016
Yoriker —
Pigsquirrel? — September 10, 2016